Sunday, August 21, 2011

A West Point Glee Club Reunion and Park Restaurant in Highland Falls, NY

At the end of July, I was blessed to get to participate in the West Point Glee Club Alumni Concert at West Point.  Alumni from 1956 to 2002 practiced for 2 1/2 days before all 106 of us sang at Trophy Point with the USMA Band.  Most of the concert was placed on YouTube, but without sound mixing that will make the CD sound lots better and balanced.  Click below if you wish to see the glee Club Alumni and USMA Band, noting me in the top row 9 persons from the left as you face the group.  For the encore, I stood to the left of the group to look better for the camera or because my knee was killing me and I needed a 30 second chair break before the last two songs.

When I go back to West point, I love to go into the Park Restaurant in Highland Falls , just outside the south gate to the Academy.  The New York accents and atmosphere is delightful.  Photos of activities and people at West Point cover the walls and a long shelf is populated with ceramic Elvis memorabilia.  You can gamble on some sort of daily numbers and watch the TV screen in the top corner of the section where I ate supper and breakfast to see if you won and how much.

The Yuengling Lager (from PA) was a pleasant surprise on Saturday night while Tierney, my server kept the water glass filled, comfortably recommended dishes she liked and allowed the eating, writing and reminiscing to happen at my own pace.  The cheeseburger soup was surprisingly tasty and the veggie wrap with the special sauce was as good as Tierney believed.  The orange sherbet and the coffee topped off my taste buds with the right message for the evening.

During supper, the Yankees were on the TV's in the bar (beating Baltimore soundly), and periodically, patrons would cheer when a Yankee got a hit or made a good play in the field.  New York has a special flavor. 

Andrea seemed to be the senior boss in the restaurant eating section.  She was my server for breakfast on Sunday when I had the omelette, hash browns, coffee and rye toast to get ready for the final rehearsals and concert Sunday evening.

Check out the YouTubes to see the group and the band.  The sound is OK, but the CD's will balance everything and tune it up.  New York is great to visit and renew memories.

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