Monday, September 26, 2011


In 1957, Liberty expanded to the heavens when the first orbiting  satellite- Sputnik- launched by the Russians- became visible in its orbit around the earth.  I remember sitting on the garage apron across the street at Grandma & Grandpa Clayton's while Grandpa Jonas pointed out which faint, moving object in the starry night sky was Sputnik.  Wow!
In a simpler world from the view of an 11 year old, the single satellite was easy to know and watch.  Now, it's much more complex to understand the heavenly bodies (satellites), but "there's an app for that".
Sputnik background information.

How Many Satellites In Space?

NASA home site: Space

Enjoy a flashback and a flash ahead, from Sputnik to Space Junk.  Liberty can't hide from the heavens.  It's a small world, folks.


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