Sunday, January 29, 2012

Liberty Church and Seeds of Faith

Thank you, God, for the Liberty Church, where I learned about, witnessed and accepted Faith in You.  Thank you for the continuing Faith.  I pray that it continues and serves you according to your will. In Jesus name,  Amen.

Many could pray this prayer as they reflect on life in and around Liberty (Jefferson Township).

"The biblical word for religious existence is "faith."  Faith is the state of being grasped by an ultimate concern... It is the divine Spirit working in our spirit which creates faith."....

"Faith and doubt do not essentially contradict each other.  Faith is the continuous tension between itself and the doubt within itself.  It includes both an immediate awareness of something unconditional and the courage to take the risk of uncertainty upon itself.  Faith says "Yes" in spite of the anxiety of "No."... Faith embraces itself and the doubt about itself."....Paul Tillich from Biblical Religion and the Search for Ultimate Reality

In Sunday School at Liberty Church, I heard the great message of Jesus through many stories, songs, sermons and examples, including those below.  These served to help with my Faith development.  And they go on forever, calming the doubt of humanness.

Sickness Jesus heals Matthew 8:14-17 Nature Jesus stills a storm Matthew 8:23-27 Demons Jesus casts them out Matthew 8:28-32 Sin Jesus forgives Matthew 9:1-8 Death Jesus makes alive Matthew 9:18-26.

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