Monday, June 25, 2012

Old Broncos: Moaning, Meaning and Money

Old Bronco alumni have been known to moan a bit about the mothball status of the old Jefferson High School building which was condemned as an asbestos pit by the EPA.  It will soon be demolished and interested alumni are welcome, according to Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Richard Gates, to have a brick as a memento.

How will the memory of Adam Becker, Doris Marker, Gladys Brintlinger, and other teachers, coaches and school employees (cooks and bus drivers come to mind) be honored without the old building?  Good question.  The building has been a reminder of experiences and memories of significance in the lives of many alumni of Jefferson.  Memories have meaning.

I don't need the old high school to remind me of the message of Miss (Barbara) Macaulay to "be honorable".  The meaning of Coach Day and Coach Greg to me is set in my brain and my behavior.  No building needed. I agree with many that honoring a leader and administrator like Adam Becker in some physical way on the Jefferson Campus is necessary.  How might such a thing happen?


Alumni who believe in honoring a Jefferson person or memory should be wiling to invest in their belief.  What if the bricks were sold instead of free to alumni?  What if alums could buy engraved bricks or larger pavers to become part of the expected Jefferson campus expansion, as is common on college campuses with new buildings and special areas?  What if alumni donated money to build a special area in the new campus named after Adam Becker?

Can we convert our moaning about our building loss into commitment to give money to reaffirm the meaning of Jefferson to us?

Just a thought.  How about it Broncos?  "Remember the GOLD and the blue.  You've gotta fight, you've gotta win.  It's up to you!"

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