Thursday, July 19, 2012

Men of Hope Presentation July 21, 2012

"Faith and Family Medicine"
Hope United Methodist Church July 21, 2012
A.     Introduction of Presenter:  Pat Jonas, MD
B.     Review:  
a.      What is Family Medicine?
b.      How does a Christian Family Physician mix faith with patient care?
c.      What is the Human Centered Health Home? 
d.      What is the 5-5-5?
e.      How might prayer affect coronary arteries and heart function?

C.     Overview:
a.      Family Medicine

b.      Honoring God’s Creation, Validating Human Worth and Uniqueness, Sharing Uncertainty, Celebrating Successes

c.      Respecting, Protecting, Connecting, Inspecting, Detecting, Correcting, Reflecting

d.      The 5-5-5
                                                              i.     Eat 5 colors of food daily (M & M’s don’t count)

                                                             ii.     Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily

                                                            iii.     Practice five health behaviors
1.      Exercise (aka, Movement) e.g. “TV Toning Ball”
2.      Control Blood Pressure
3.      Control Weight (Body Mass Index)
4.      Control Cholesterol
5.      Control Stress
e.      Whole-Hearted Prayer balances the autonomic nervous system

                                                              i.     Decreases traditional “sympathetic over-drive”

                                                             ii.     Increases parasympathetic nervous system tone

                                                            iii.     Increases DHEA

                                                            iv.     Decreases cortisol, blood pressure, weight, glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides

                                                             v.     Decreases plaque buildup, timing of heart attacks and strokes

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