Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas on the Ball at the BellHOP Cafe 12/8/2012

“Christmas on the Ball” at the BellHOP Café on  Saturday, 12/8/2012 Public Invited
Introductions and Welcome by Pat Jonas of BUMC and Heather of BellHOP Café in Bellbrook
Overview of Session including Health and Safety Warning and Disclaimer
               Make a Habit of toning, stretching and movement first- fitness later.  PACE YOURSELF
               Standing, Sitting on the ball- with/without bouncing, lying on the ball, lying on the floor
               Helps Heart, Upper Body, Core, Lower Body, Spine and Mood
Opening Prayer
Breathing on the ball.  Without- five whole breaths and five with bounces.
Standing:  Five reps each of twist (p117)*, front bend and side bend (p118), hug and 30 seconds of drape over ball (p115)
Recovery for two minutes
Sitting:  100-150 bounces with music, Hip Release (124), Pelvic tilt (p34), crunch (p36), back stretch (p35)
Water, fluids, bathroom break, ball repair/ reinflation 5-7 minutes
Health Tip:  Dr Synonymous (aka, Dr Jonas) Stress Reactions, Cortisol, and the Ball
Lying on ball: back toner (p50), rise and shine (p52), push up (p46)
Lying on floor: five reps each-lower body toner (p68), lift ball, squeeze ball
Sitting on ball: 2 minute bounce with music
Recovery, refreshments from BellHOP menu, fellowship
Next formal session 7 PM January 10 at BUMC (followed by 7PM Jan 14th at BUMC)
Next informal session:  Your place- three times weekly 2-3 each standing, sitting, lying (five reps or 30 seconds-depending). Bouncing 2-4 minutes depending on energy and comfort.
More exercises at
*From Sculpt Your Body with Balls and Bands by Denise Austin, 2004 by St Martin’s Press

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