Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Mother Has a Heart for Me

Mom's are special, no two are alike.  They have a place for us in their heart.  I wrote a poem that converts to song as soon as the tune is complete.  Make up your own tune, that'll probably be better.

My Mother Has a Heart for Me

          Chorus:  My mother has a heart for me.
She’s always had a heart for me.
How did God know that I needed her love?
Why did He do that for me?

When I was a baby, a child and a teen,
My mom was a comfort to me.
She’d open her heart, and I’d feel all her love
She knew how a mom ought to be.

Later I stumbled and wandered alone
Feeling challenged but happy and free
My mother would call and send hugs through the phone
Saying, “Only God knows who you’ll be.”

I would look in the mirror and not know my part
Confusion was all that I’d see.
Mom would remind me to look in my heart,
Who does God want me to be?

Now life is different, my vision is clear.
Some things are easy to see.
The trust that erased my confusion and fear
Was God’s love through Mom’s heart to me.

1 comment:

  1. It sounds like you have a wonderful Mom. I like the poem. I think I will remind younger son to look into his heart and ask the same.

    Unfortunately singing was not a gift God gave me. :)