Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Father Song

               In Honor of Arthur C. "Scud" Jonas, My Father    by Pat Jonas

When I was a baby, a child and a teen,
My Dad would challenge me.
He’d watch, laugh and listen as we played around
He knew what a Dad ought to be.

At times he’d show anger to hold back his fears
That I wouldn’t do what was right.
His actions would guide me, His message was clear
He knew life was lived in God’s sight.

Chorus:  My Dad set the standard for me
   Mistakes and successes were free.
   He showed me integrity
   And that’s what he wanted for me.

From fishing to baseball to football to golf,
To scouting to college to war,
He cheered and he chuckled and prayed for my soul
And then he encouraged me more.

From sporting adventures in bowling and golf
To leadership roles in our church,
He was known by so many as teammate and friend
He valued and honored their worth

My Dad was so honest and everyone knew,
His word was his bond in our town.
He valued the truth and God’s message for all
He shared of his heart all around.

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