Monday, June 16, 2014

We Prayed So Well Together

            By Pat Jonas

Our grieving hearts connected through God’s Word and there was peace.
We shared with many others of redemption and release.
The Bible told the story, we taught it as we could.
The Holy Spirit blessed it, God told us it was good.                

We prayed so well together, our hearts could speak as one
To celebrate God’s blessings, our work had just begun.
We shared The Word with others, the Spirit filled our hearts
We prayed for them in Jesus name, then God would do His part.

It was so amazing, the bond that sealed our love
Our hearts aligned together, from within and from above.
Though one of us got cancer, our ministry stayed strong,
With a farewell kiss and a knowing smile- too soon- he was gone.

Jesus gave the Comforter to guide us through the Word,
To show the path and spread the news that love would bond with good.
Our empty hearts have found Him.  Now we praise His name.
The Holy Spirit led the way.  For you He’ll do the same.

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