Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fresh Coffee

I just smelled the fresh ground coffee in the bag as I poured it into my modern drip coffee maker.  Suddenly, my smell file flashed me back to Markum's Market in New Lebanon where I, as a child of 4 or 5, "first smelled the coffee".  I was there with my Grandma (Mary) Jonas getting groceries.  She had taken a bag of coffee beans and poured them into the coffee grinder.  The smell was new, fresh and different.  I subsequently enjoyed trips to Markum's more enthusiastically just to smell the fresh ground coffee.

I don't think my parents were coffee drinkers til my Dad's later years.  After his retirement from the Monarch (Marking System, Inc.), he would go to Walt Wilson's where he and some other retired men would drink Rosie's fresh coffee and tell stories.  I went there once and found the whole experience delightful.  Rosie was very attentive to the coffee needs and Walt was the Liberty neighbor who cared and showed it.  Friendship and caring was dripping like the coffee, fresh and rich.  Small town life--hard to beat.

What are your "coffee" memories?

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