Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Class of 1964: Poem or Song in progress

We've come a long way, and hoping for more
We're the Class of Sixty-Four
With memories many and a few regrets
We pray to God: Forgive our debts

As we forgive our debtors (and those that trespass against us)

Grandchildren, time- shares, mortgage and pain
Trying to hang on to our ageing brain
We know the stories needed to tell
We still find the words and do it well

Look up, Watch out, Hang on
Love 'em while you can
The Class of 64 has been to Vietnam
Look down, Give hugs and Smiles
and Prayers to God within
The Class of 64 will love Him still, again

We're losing our members and sad for the loss
We hope that their stories are still carried on
By those who were touched by their Truth
And their love, sixty-four fading, but memories are long

More, and more corrections and changes later as input from the Class of 64 provides more stories, insight , love and prayer.  I'd say this is about fifty percent tolerable with fifty percent to go, just like the Class of 64!

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