Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jefferson Bronco Memorial Coming

The Jefferson School Board has approved construction of a memorial on the site of the "old school" building.  This will honor the people and processes involved in the history of Jefferson in the era of that building and help to "Tell the Jefferson Story".  It will include a brick and paver component which allows honoring of individual Broncos or groups with something like an alumni grotto.  A couple of memorial benches may be included depending on design and funding.

(Lest we count poorly, the "new school" building is now older than the "old school" building when it was vacated.  It may soon merit a memorial as discussions about its demise are already happening.  Broadening the thought, one might ponder a two component monument honoring persons and phenomena from 1928-present.  Many students, faculty and staff had experiences in both buildings.  Even a three sided monument may appeal to some.)

OK, back to reality.  A committee was appointed by the Alumni Association President, Joy Weaver to design and build the memorial/monument.  Rex Hunn is leading the committee with Gary Bailey, Gil Parrish and Bill Osborne.  A finance committee is to coordinate the funding.  Sam Dodson, Rick Poole and Pat Jonas currently staff that committee.  We recently met with Dr. Gates to discuss the project.  The class of 1964 proposed the project and raised $565 to start it.   Other Bronco Alumni are needed to get it done.  Dr. Gates is excited about the project and the possibility of a scholarship aspect of the project.  He even said,"I'll carry the bricks with you." Photo


This project offers the opportunity to develop a financial plan that will enable Broncos to contribute to it or similar projects as well as memorial/scholarship funds for students or the school.  We hope to include an opportunity to contribute to the "old school" monument or a scholarship fund with online and snail mail invitations to alumni functions.

This year there is the Annual Alumni banquet the fourth Friday in June (26th) with several class parties on June 27th and also a Mega Reunion later in the summer from July 31- Aug 2 which has happened every three years since 2005.  Organizers for each of these events will have an opportunity to connect alumni and other invitees to the fund raising process and to each other.

This alumni funding strategy may help to unite "old" and "new" school alumni to help students and the school and reaffirm the pride of The Bronco Nation as we tell "The Jefferson Story".  A Facebook page is coming to allow continuing online connections about the project and alumni endeavors.

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