Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bond Issue for New Jefferson School: Interview with Dr. Gates

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Dr. Richard Gates, Superintendent of Jefferson Township Local Schools is my special guest on this show.  Your Host for the Dr. Synonymous Show is Pat Jonas, MD, a 1964 graduate of Jefferson Twonship High School, in the country a few miles west of Dayton.  As a Jefferson Bronco for Life, he's excited about the prospect of getting the school replaced to catch up to modern educational standards.  A unique feature of the new school will be an area in which alumni can archive, protect and reflect on the history and legacy of "The Bronco Nation" back to 1836 when Jefferson Schools were established. 
We may discuss these questions and more:  What is expected of school superintendents these days? What is different about educating children now?  What are Jefferson students like?  What about security of students these days?   Cybersecurity for the school system?  Why can't our building from 1966 get the job done?  Why have a school in Jefferon Township instead of just merging with Trotwood or Dayton?  What is different about Jefferson Township?  What is the advantage of having a small student population?  What does the new school cost?  Who pays?  How long will it last?  How does the campaign to get the Bond Issue passed work? (who does what?)
How do alumni relate to a public school system?  What alumni connections might help Jefferson?   
What do you do on election eve?  Day?  Next day?
Thanks to Dr. Gates for his leadership and enthusiasm about Jefferson Township.
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