Sunday, May 12, 2013


"Most of all, I remember Momma." That was the intro to a TV show sponsored by Maxwell House Coffee and starring Peggy Wood.

Childhood memories from our living room and kitchen come to mind as I think of Mom.  She sewed things, and used pins, which somehow found their way into the carpet, then into the bare feet of two innocent young boys, Mike and I.  "Ouch, ooch, eech, anch", I remember exclaiming, as I hopped around on one foot while holding the other and pulling out the straight pin.

Mom sometimes baked pies.  "Wow, Mom, a pie, is this for supper?" I might ask.  "No, you can't have any, it's for the church social tomorrow night."  Thankfully, we always went to the church socials so we got to eat Mom's pies.  At major holidays we also got plenty of Mom's pie.

She made tasty cinnamon roll-ups with the excess dough from the crust that tasted awesome.  Mike and I loved these delicious morsels.  The smell was great, too.

Mom would sing "Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy" which I thought was "Marezeedoats and dozeedoats..." for years.

Mom had a hair brush for discipline/ threats, unless she was ordering one of us to get a switch from the willow tree in the Whitaker's front yard during the warm seasons.

She tried to teach us to dance.  I don't recall a lot of success.

She got us in the habit of bedtime prayer. .

I Love You, Mom.

Happpy Mother's Day.

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  1. Sweet post.

    "Marezeedoats and dozeedoats..." Funny! :)

    Thanks for sharing.